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Do You Speak "Salon?"

Posted on February 28, 2016 at 2:50 PM Comments comments (0)

Do You Speak "Salon?" (If Not, You May Be Foiling Your Own Efforts)

AF Asks ...


Do You Speak "Salon?"

(If Not, You May Be Foiling Your Own Efforts)



This is a reprint of a blog I LOVE! Fellow stylist Beth Minardi sums it all up here. Although meant for stylists, the blog gives great insights to clients, too. This is an example of why I ask clients to tell me what they don’t like about their hair instead of what to do--because clients and stylists can speak different languages. This entry is long but interesting. Let us know what you think!!!--Frances


From Beth Minardi Signature blog


... “In the spirit of clarifying the lingo, I thought I’d put together a glossary of some of the most misused terms to help everyone get on the same page. For hairdressers, simply knowing what your client might be thinking can help you clarify your own explanation of the service."



What clients sometimes think it means: A really awesome shade of hair color.

What it really means: brown.



What clients sometimes think it means: Red or copper hair color.

What it really means: which can give blonde a gold cast, or brunette a caramel cast.



What clients sometimes think it means: A dull or brassy hair color.

What it really means: ”



What clients sometimes think it means: Drab or not pretty.

What it really means: Hair that has overtly goldish-orange tones.



What clients sometimes think it means: just overall color.

What it really means: Extremely subtle highlights that are interwoven with base color to avoid any conspicuous streaks or chunks.



What clients sometimes think it means: Super-blonde streaks.

What it really means: look), so that the pieces are noticeable and have contrast.



What clients sometimes think it means: highlighting on the lower portion of the hair.

What it really means: three levels deeper than their current hair color (i.e., a mix of caramel and walnut).



What clients sometimes think it means: can sound like a scheming strategy to fix a mistake.

What it really means: ”



What clients sometimes think it means: at the end of a color service cleverly designed to increase their bill.

What it really means: end topcoat to a manicure to make it last longer.



What clients sometimes think it means: and disappears only with a major haircut to cut off the old growth.

What it really means: Hair color designed to alter the natural base color of the hair by simultaneously lightening and then depositing color pigment. Think of it as a washing-machine cycle: You lift the dirt out, then add fabric softener back in. Color lasts 12-24 shampoos (longer if you use products specifically designed to protect your investment).



What clients sometimes think it means: Color that lasts only a few weeks. Possibly French in origin.

What it really means: t be used to lighten or lift. And please note: Despite the name, demi has nothing to do with a shorter life span, as the color typically lasts as long as permanent color (12 to 24 shampoos).



What clients sometimes think it means: Often confused with demi-permanent color, this product, too, is perceived as a temporary service that washes out quickly.

What it really means: but not for making drastic changes. It generally washes out in six to 12 shampoos.



What clients sometimes think it means: All-natural hair color in a range of shades, like brown, blonde, or black.

What it really means: An all-natural hair pigment derived from the henna leaf, which can deposit only a strong orange or red stain into the hair. Great for pregnant clients who are looking to avoid chemical products.



What clients sometimes think it means: Uber-blonde Marilyn hair.

What it really means: s a subtler effect.



What clients sometimes think it means: A blunt,, chin-length hair cut.

What it really means: Any haircut that is approximately one inch above the shoulder or shorter; can be either straight-edged or angled.



What clients sometimes think it means: They usually have no idea. A skirt, maybe?

What it really means: s actually longer on one side than the other).



What clients sometimes think it means: re going to give them a perm.

What it really means: generally, to reduce volume on very dense hair types.







Is a Unibrow Affecting Your Child?

Posted on February 28, 2016 at 2:40 PM Comments comments (0)

Is a Unibrow Affecting Your Child?

AF Asks

Is a Unibrow Affecting Your Child?



Parents, if your child has a unibrow, take him in to have it waxed …

because I have seen one strip of wax change a child’s life!


Google the topic, and you will read ridiculous rants about a child’s “right to choose” his eyebrow shape at an older age. PLEASE! Ask any kid: “Two eyebrows or one?” Two wins every time!


I see many kids who need a tiny dot of wax to remove a tiny bit of hair between the brows. That’s it. No shaping or tweezing or plucking. Removing that hair will open up the child’s face. It will change the way people approach this child, because they see his smile instead of assuming a scowl. It will give a child self-confidence. It is essential.


Choosing to keep a unibrow is like choosing to keep acne, in my opinion.


When it comes to tweens and teens, I recommend Early Eyebrow Intervention. If your son carries little caterpillars above his eyelids, he can have them trimmed. This is part of the male grooming process, much like trimming sideburns and neck hair. Usually, we do this as part of a haircut. But if you take your son to a barber, you’re still welcome for an “eyebrows only” appointment at the salon.


If your tween/teen girl is unhappy with her eyebrows, please take Early Eyebrow Intervention! You are welcome to an “eyebrows only” appointment so we can conservatively shape your daughter’s brows. That means, waxing between brows, plucking any crazies, and trimming the hair itself, so it is not too long. You will need to do this just a few times, because before long you will be able to maintain the line at home. Introducing your daughter to eyebrow care is so much healthier than waiting for her to pluck them herself, often with awkward results that require a salon visit, anyway.


Age-appropriate eyebrows are not the steely brows of supermodels. They are full, but there are two. They maintain their natural arch. And they allow your child’s inner beauty to shine through the eyes!


In case you’re wondering, waxing does not hurt. I earn great trust by testing a dot of warm wax on a child’s hand and removing it so the child knows what to expect. There are never tears. Only smiles, because kids love having two eyebrows!



That's Amore!





Do You Have a Great Haircut?

Posted on February 28, 2016 at 2:20 PM Comments comments (0)

AF Asks

Do You Have a Great Haircut?


This week, a client of mine said she saw a friend's hair and just knew I had cut it. Amazing! I actually had given that new cut. I was so impressed, and what a compliment for any stylist! It got me thinking, what makes a haircut great? Can you spot one? Do you have one? Test yourself, whether you're sitting in my chair or someone else's.


You have a great haircut if …


1. you don’t need anger management classes after trying to style it.


The good news is, an efficient blow dry can masque a bad haircut, so your styled head can end up looking fine. But, ah! The freedom of a great cut! With a great haircut, styling is easy. A great haircut falls into place, wet or dry. It should not need a ton of product to hold a style. If your blow-dry experience causes profuse sweating or frustration, your technique may not be the problem. It could be your cut.


2. it looks better as it grows.


A great haircut holds its shape as it grows. Sure, you may feel you need a haircut, but your hair still falls into place without any arm wrestling. I tell my clients to schedule their cut 2 1/2 weeks before a big event. Most people's hair actually goes into "shock" immediately following a cut, then settles in after about a week. After two weeks, I think clients get used to styling their new cut like a pro at home. Guidelines to remember: I recommend five weeks between cuts for medium-length hair. Shorter cuts may need four. Longer lengths can go six or more.


3. it looks great in spite of itself.


Cowlicks? Curls? Thinning hair? No problem for a great haircut! I have clients with all kinds of idiosyncrasies. The bottom line is, a good stylist knows how to work with your hair’s natural texture and tendencies, so you look great in spite of it all.


4. it makes you feel good.


A great haircut makes you happy. You should like your haircut. It should suit your personality, your lifestyle, your face shape, your bone structure, even your body proportions. A great haircut draws attention to your best features and improves your overall look in a natural way. The bottom line is, if you like your haircut, then it suits your style. And that’s perfect!


A great haircut should make your life easier. If your hair is not working for you, before jumping ship on your stylist, consider sharing what you don’t like or asking for styling tips. If the cut is still uncooperative, you may want to find a stylist who is more in sync with your hair type or personal style.



That's Amore!



Tips for Success with Your Stylist

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Tips for Success with Your Stylist

Tips for Success with Your Stylist


When a client sits in my chair, a dance begins. Sometimes we glide through conversation about how hair should look. Other times, we step on each other's toes, unintentionally, of course. If you've ever wondered how to have success with your stylist, I have good news. It's an easy "Two Step."


Step One: Communication


Sometimes I think clients feel pressure to tell me how to cut their hair, but success begins in the opposite direction. Tell me what you don’t like about your hair, then let me direct the conversation. Together we will decide what to do, and it may involve something you hadn’t thought of on your own. But please don’t tell me how to cut your hair, because the end result may not make you happy.



Be brutally honest. Tell me if you hate something. Tell me if you are bored. Tell me if I have one last chance. No need for subtlety. I am a direct person, so I appreciate your honesty and am never, ever offended.


Please share details. Products used, time between visits, all these details help me to meet your expectations. If you are a “switcher,” that is ok. I am not offended if you’ve gone elsewhere, but I do need to know whatever history you can provide so I can use my best judgment moving forward.


Step Two: Expectation


Don’t expect a carbon copy haircut. It is impossible to cut the exact same way each time. I’m sorry if this is upsetting, but it is true. Stylists can give you the exact same color, because that depends on a formula. But a cut depends on many variables, one of which being that a human, not a robot, is using the scissors.


You can help maintain your style by pre-booking your appointment at regular intervals, say, every five weeks. That makes it easier for a stylist to follow the lines of your old cut as well as judge how much to snip. Don’t rely on our last-minute appointment email, because you may not get a slot and may then become frustrated. (Keep in mind, it is a good sign when your stylist is busy, but you may need to plan ahead.)


Expect your cut to improve the more your stylist understands your personality and lifestyle. I suggest giving a new stylist three times to cut your hair. Trust your stylist to use her vision, too. And realize that sometimes what others see is not what you see in the mirror. To see your hair objectively, try looking back at a picture.


In the end, the relationship between client and stylist is a gentle dance of patience, understanding, and trust. A breakdown in any of these areas can lead a client to become dissatisfied and move on to another stylist. The problem is, the breakdown likely will happen again at the next salon. That's why it's important to learn how to dance.


That's Amore!



AF's Age-DefyingStyling Tips

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AF's Age-DefyingStyling Tips


So many times, clients ask me why they look younger after I style their hair as opposed to when they style their own. That may seem random, but it points to styling technique. So let’s have a little fun and test your styling skills. Here’s your one hint for all questions: youthful looking hair should move.


True or False: The diffuser that came with my blow dryer is a good thing.

TRUE. There is a reason they put it in the box! It is a good thing because it concentrates heat on the root. No one uses it because it takes more time. But if you spend more time drying your hair one day, the style will actually last through the next day.


True or False: Side bangs should be dried just like you plan to wear them.

FALSE. If you have side or longer bangs, brush them in the opposite direction on your forehead as you dry them. Let the hair cool off before brushing them back to the direction you want to wear them. (Any time you apply heat, let hair cool to “set” the style.)


True or False: I can use a round brush to curl my hair.

FALSE. A round brush should give hair fullness at the ROOT. The only affect it should have on the end is a gentle bend, not a tight, old-fashioned curl. You should be wrapping your hair around the round brush once, and the brush should only grab the ends. Wrapping hair twice or more means you probably need a bigger round brush, which will prevent an old-fashioned curl.


True or False: Once I spray my hair, I should not touch it again.

FALSE. Use a lightweight hair spray all over your head, even under your layers. And if your hair feels too stiff, then brush it out with a paddle brush. This will help hair last all day. It will also give the hair texture to hold the volume and bend.


That’s Amore


Are You Using the Right Brush?

Posted on February 28, 2016 at 2:15 PM Comments comments (0)

Are You Using the Right Brush?

Are You Using the Right Brush?

December. We all want fabulous looking hair in December. So here is the first in a series of posts to help you style your hair like a pro. ‘Tis the season to be busy, so I’ll make this as quick as ripping off a wax strip. Check your Brush IQ below.


Never Use This Brush

The Vent Brush. The Evil Vent Brush.


Never use the Evil Vent Brush. I know it looks innocent enough, all lifeless and geometric as it rests in your drawer, but this brush will cost you ten extra minutes of drying time because air goes right through it. Why would we use a brush with holes in the back? It blows hair all over the place, giving you less styling control. Repurpose it as a colander.


Always Use This Brush

The Paddle Brush. The Perfect Little Paddle Brush.


Like the perfect cousin you’re compared to at the holiday table, this brush really does do everything well.


Always use the paddle brush. Choose a bigger one for longer to medium hair and a smaller one for shorter lengths. Pick it up as soon as you pick up your blow dryer. Use it to lift your hair straight up, and point the blow dryer at the roots. Start at the side of your head, and lift or brush hair straight up using the paddle brush. Then move on to the top of your head, and lift hair up and/or in the direction opposite your part. It looks weird. Even feels a little counterproductive. But using this brush this way will eliminate flat, frizzy hair. Try it.


Use This Brush Properly

The Round Brush. The Trendy Bendy Round Brush. It is not supposed to give hair a stiff, old-fashioned curl. Is this news to you?


Wrapping your hair more than once (or possibly twice) around a round brush tells me you need a bigger round brush--or maybe a different kind of brush. The round brush gives a bend to the end of the hair. Don’t even pick it up until your hair is about 95% dry. The round brush is a finishing tool. Turn to it after the Perfect Paddle Brush. Bend the end of your hair with the round brush, shoot some hot air on it, then remove brushand let the bend “set” before touching it again. The cooled hair will maintain its shape, and your style will fall into place softly, not into a pile of stiff curls. Old fashioned is charming for holiday traditions but not for holiday hair.


Show Me Your Brushes!

Using the right brush saves time and frustration, so make sure you're using the right tool. Bring your brushes with you next time you’re in. I'm happy to tell you whether or not they suit the job. If they don't, maybe Santa could slip one into your stocking this year.


That’s Amore!



"Nobody Likes Me"

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"Nobody Likes Me"


“Now listen, and believe me, I am not just saying this because I’m your mother—you are the prettiest, nicest girl in the entire school, not to mention the brightest, and if you don’t believe me just go look in the mirror.”


One of my clients has an awesome coffee mug featuring that paragraph. It goes on from there, and you probably can imagine the rest if your mother ever comforted you so persuasively. Today, such comfort appeals to me because I am steeped in self-pity thinking that “nobody Likes me.”


Sure, they LOVE me behind the chair. An appointment is not always available these days. So why, oh why, doesn’t anyone Like me … on Facebook?


It doesn’t matter. I know it makes no difference. Given the choice, I’d choose my current state. A flock of loyal clients trumps an empty appointment book any day, unless Facebook friends start to chip in for the electric bill. So, believe me, I realize I am being shallow. And maybe overly sensitive. And even silly.


Yet still, late at night just as I’m drifting off to sleep, I hear a little voice reminding my vulnerable self that “nobody Likes me.” And I feel sad.


So, this post is not instructional. It is not informative. No styling tips or home color threats. Just a crying plea for your participation. Please, oh please, “Like” Amore Francesca Salon & Spa on Facebook, especially if you enjoy reading my blog. And ask your friends to Like me, too??!! Even if it is shallow, an exciting number of Likes would just make me happy!


That's Amore


AF versus Other Salons

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AF versus Other Salons

Our exceptional service and hair care set us apart.



This is Amore Francesca, where style becomes you ...


Opening early, closing late, working even off hours to fit your schedule.


Working to please clients, whatever it takes.


Using only high-end, quality color and product lines.


Using and selling products we use personally and on our children because we believe in them, not because we want to sell them.


Establishing long-term, honest, sincere client relationships.


Creating the perfect salon atmosphere--friendly, professional, not intimidating.


Staying with one stylist the whole time you're at your appointment. No strangers.


Including blow dry with your service. Blow dry price included with your color and cut, not extra.


Enjoying your company. We are just like one of you! We don't act prettier, or better! (hee hee)


Celebrating original stylists. AF stylists range in age, and everyone has at least seven years experience. No newbies experimenting on clients.


Standing behind our quality work. Always.




Taking pride in our competitive pricing. And we don't try to "up-sell you" unnecessary products.


Feeling connected! We are very close with our clients. We've know most of them for at least ten years.


Welcoming the whole family. Our clients include everyone--women, men, children.




That's Amore!







Applying your makeup correctly?

Posted on February 28, 2016 at 2:05 PM Comments comments (0)

AF Makeup Tips


Are You Applying Makeup in the Proper Order?


I "changed someone's life" today with a conversation about face powder.

My client was putting her powder on at the wrong time, which caused other problems. So that's the inspiration for this post. Are you applying your makeup in the proper order? Check yourself:


1. Exfoliation. A must!

Why do we exfoliate? So skin can absorb lotion.


If you choose not to exfoliate, you may as well kick the night cream, too, because you're basically washing it off in the morning. Use a gentle exfoliating scrub two or three times a week, more if your skin reacts well. It will clear dead cells, uncovering fresh cells that absorb lotion! Please begin exfoliating today. Your skin will look radiant and feel smooth.


2. Moisturizer, then foundation.

I think everyone should wear foundation--to protect skin, even out tone, reduce the look of pores. Foundation also acts as a perfect base layer for makeup. If foundation is too heavy for you, mix it with moisturizer. Or try one of the BB Creams on the market. BB (Beauty Balm) Creams are all-in-one replacements for moisturizer, sunscreen, and foundation. They are light and smooth. My client was not using foundation before, but she now loves BB Creams.


3. Powder here.

Apply translucent powder after your foundation. Then a little concealer, if needed. Powder here helps set your makeup. My client applied makeup first and powder last, which dulled all the makeup she had just applied. But here’s the life-changing part: she no longer needs concealer, which highlighted the lines under her eyes because she was using too much.


4. Eye shadow next, before eye liner. No mascara yet.

Eye liner goes on after eye shadow. My client was doing the opposite, and the shadow muddied her eye liner. Try shadows that compliment eye color. Brown eyes can wear almost any shadow--green, purple, pink, blue, brown. Blue eyes should try earth tones, beige, gray, pink, but no blue. Green eyes look great in purple, orange, lavender.


5. Now blush. Then mascara. Lipstick after you’re dressed.

So it doesn't stain your clothes.


AF offers makeup services because I worked ten years for Origins and Clinique, behind the counter and in corporate makeup training. If you have any questions, please post a comment, email me, or stop in the salon.



Client's Hair Salon Rewviews In Wheaton

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AF Has the Best Clients ...


"AF clients are energetic, trendy, fun, & honest.

They seek quality hair care.

Outstanding precision cuts that style perfectly at home ...

Natural, authentic color ...

And at-their-service spa comforts.

We offer one-on-one service, so clients become family.

I learn so much from our clients.

They inspire me to be a better person every day." --Frances



... and Here's Why They Love AF

“I’ve been going to Frances for many years, and I’ve been happy every time. She is great at giving me fresh and modern styles whenever I request a change and her expertise is flawless! I feel she cares for each individual client.” ~ Jen S.

“The level of service at Amore Francesca Salon is fantastic! Having been a customer for many years, I am consistently impressed by the professionalism of every staff member I have come in contact with. Thank you!”~Jessica B.

“In this day and age, it’s hard to find a company you can trust. Amore Francesca Salon was recommended to me by a friend, and now I know why – the quality of service I received was outstanding. Keep up the good work!”~Karen

"I love how well Frances informs her clients of her open dates available every week. For someone like me, who doesn't know what my schedule is like 6 weeks from now, it helps tremendously! I also love how she will teach you how to style your hair when you get home. Nothing is more frustrating than when you get home and your hair looks nothing like it did in the salon. She does a great job of making sure you are happy every day, not just when you leave the salon! She is the best!"~Darcy

"Frances has been cutting and coloring my hair for 4 years. Frances has such talent and passion for her work and it shows every single time I get my hair cut and colored. I have had short hair, long hair, and everything in between. Each time I walk out of the salon happy with my style.Her expertise and professionalism is truly one of a kind. Everyone at Amore Francesca Salon and Spa is fun and friendly and the super cute decorated salon makes for a pleasant, relaxed, and fun atmosphere!" ~Elise D.

"Frances, has been cutting my hair for almost a decade. She is a true professional who cuts hair beautifully and runs a top-notch salon. She offers so many services and comfortably caters to whatever her clients need. I've recommended her to many friends over the years, who also rave and recommend her, as well." ~Alicia S.


"I've been going to Frances for quite a few years and I've always been very satisfied with her work. She goes out of her way to make sure you get the results you want. That's why I was so happy to hear that she has opened up her own place, Amore Francesca Salon & Spa right here in downtown Wheaton behind the Wheaton Metra station. She is now able to offer so much more to her clients. I also like the way she emails her availability weekly. It's nice to know that she handles herself in a very professional way. I wish her well." ~Janet B.

Cheryl rated us 5 out of 5!

It always feels like visiting friends, and I always feel great when I leave!

Appointment verified by Phorest Salon Software.


Jenny rated us 5 out of 5!

I have had many stylists throughout the years and Hannah is the best!!!! I receive more compliments on my cut and color than I ever did I the past. The salon location could not be more convenient and there is always parking available.

Appointment verified by Phorest Salon Software.


Jennifer rated us 5 out of 5!

Frances - I love the cut and color. It was a big change, but my family and friends LOVE it. You got me out of my winter blahs. Thank you!

Appointment verified by Phorest Salon Software.



Janice rated us 5 out of 5!

Hannah was wonderful!! She was welcoming, down to earth, very attentive, and didn't make me feel rushed! I absolutely love the cut and color. Thanks for a relaxing morning Hannah!

Appointment verified by Phorest Salon Software.


Rebekah rated us 5 out of 5!

Thank you!!

Appointment verified by Phorest Salon Software.


Lisa rated us 5 out of 5!

Frances rocks! She always exceeds my greatest expectations. She is a very skilled stylist with a great personality. I would highly recommend Frances to everyone.

Appointment verified by Phorest Salon Software.


Dana rated us 5 out of 5!

Appointment verified by Phorest Salon Software.


Sarah rated us 5 out of 5!

Appointment verified by Phorest Salon Software.


Nancy rated us 5 out of 5!

I always appreciate the personalized service and the owner’s willingness to accommodate my dogs when necessary. Thank you.

Appointment verified by Phorest Salon Software.


Karen rated us 5 out of 5!

Very sweet to my girls, and she did a great job with the cuts!

Appointment verified by Phorest Salon Software.



Heather rated us 5 out of 5!

I've been seeing Frances for years- always a relaxing and enjoyable visit- and great service!

Appointment verified by Phorest Salon Software


Sabina rated us 5 out of 5!

Fabulous service, very pleased with my clean cut bleach blonde look!

Thank you!

Appointment verified by Phorest Salon Software.


Nikki rated us 5 out of 5!

Great haircut - thanks!

Appointment verified by Phorest Salon Software.


Lisa rated us 5 out of 5!

Frances is always professional, friendly and highly talented. Her salon has an attractive and inviting atmosphere, and every employee offers a warm hello whenever I visit. I recommend Frances to all who desire excellent hair care by a highly talented professional. Truly the best hair stylist I have been to!

Appointment verified by Phorest Salon Software.