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Amore Francesca Salon 

549 W. Liberty Drive, Wheaton, IL 60187


Hair Stylist at Amore Francesca Salon

Amore Francesca Salon Owner Francesca

Hair Stylist/Owner
Senior Stylist
Experience Stylist of 16 Years

Communication Style:
Honest/ Caring

Haircut Specialty:
Short trendy cuts,  graduated bobs all lengths, long layered hair cuts,

Color Specialty:
Pravana- Color Line
Brown hair color,  blonde hair color & highlights

As a experienced hair stylist, I have learned a lot about the hair salon industry. I started  working as a hair stylist in Glen Ellyn, IL in 1999. Then in 2001 I opened up a small salon located in Wheaton, IL and since then I have gradually expanded my salon.

      "Before I start with a client, I first ask lots of questions to get to know them.  I crave honest communication with each client of mine. With decades of experience,  I have learned clients' concerns and figured out their "hair language" (which is very different from "hair dresser language").  I do this because I care about each and every one of you.  I want people to relax and trust me, before I begin any service.  This helps me give them the precision cut and color they deserve and what really suits them.  I believe if you love your hair--it really becomes you, and can change the way you feel and act.  This is why I chose "Where Style Becomes You" to describe my salon.

*Frances suggest to her clients to schedule their cut 2 1/2 weeks before a big event. Most people's hair actually goes into "shock" immediately following a cut, then settles in after about a week. After two weeks, I think clients get used to styling their new cut like a pro at home. 

Guidelines to remember: Five weeks between cuts for medium-length hair. Shorter cuts may need four. Longer lengths can go six or more.


Hair Stylist


Communication Style:

Sincere,  patient

Haircut Specialty:

Everyday cuts for women, men, & kids


Color Specialty:


 Gray coverage, and all over color


Shawn has been doing hair for so long that we can't even give you the number of years! Many of her clients have been with her from the beginning of her career. Now, this may have you wondering or thinking how old is Shawn?  Well, I'm not going to tell you but she's not the oldest!  Actually, she's not much older than the rest of the staff. But

I will tell you she treats every client of hers like family.  Shawn's experience has made her a very talented stylist.

                                                                (Independent Contractor of AF)

Hair Stylist- 

Communication Style:
Funny, straightforward

Haircut Specialty:
Men, textured cuts,
 short cuts, & layers

Color Specialty:
Reds, all-over color

Lori has been cutting hair for twelve years or more. Her bold personality immediately gets her client's attention, allowing each one to open up and share their personal vision and life style. Vidal Sassoon trained, Lori has worked as a platform artist and now brings her array of experience to Amore Francesca. Her eye for detail helps her deliver a distinctive style that her clients appreciate and adore.
                                                                           (Independent Contractor of AF)

Are  you looking for new  hair salon near you,  and one that fits your style & personality?

Ask yourself do you have a great haircut?

This week, a client of mine said she saw a friend's hair and just knew I had cut it. Amazing! I actually had given that new cut. I was so impressed, and what a compliment for any stylist! It got me thinking, what makes a haircut great? Can you spot one? Do you have one? 

Test yourself, whether you're sitting in my chair or someone else's.

Ways to know if you have a great haircut if …

1. You don’t need anger management classes after trying to style it.

The good news is, an efficient blow dry can masque a bad haircut, so your styled head can end up looking fine. But, ah! The freedom of a great cut! 

2. With a great haircut, styling is easy. A great haircut falls into place, wet or dry. It should not need a ton of product to hold a style. If your blow-dry experience causes profuse sweating or frustration, your technique may not be the problem. It could be your cut.

3. It looks better as it grows.

A great haircut holds its shape as it grows. Sure, you may feel you need a haircut, but your hair still falls into place without any arm wrestling. 

4. It looks great in spite of many obstacles.

Cowlicks? Curls? Thinning hair? No problem for a great haircut! I have clients with all kinds of idiosyncrasies. The bottom line is, a good stylist knows how to work with your hair’s natural texture and tendencies, so you look great in spite of it all.

5. It makes you feel good about yourself.

A great haircut makes you happy. You should like your haircut. It should suit your personality, your lifestyle, your face shape, your bone structure, even your body proportions. A great haircut draws attention to your best features and improves your overall look in a natural way. 

The bottom line is, if you like your haircut, then it suits your style. And that’s perfect!

A great haircut should make your life easier. If your hair is not working for you, before jumping ship on your stylist, consider sharing what you don’t like or asking for styling tips. If the cut is still uncooperative, you may want to find a stylist who is more in sync with your hair type or personal style.

That's Amore!

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