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Amore Francesca Salon 

549 W. Liberty Drive, Wheaton, IL 60187


Hair salon, waxing salon, & salon prices

Hair Styles in Wheaton, IL
16 year experience stylist
Women's- $60
Men's- $28
Kid's- Starting at $27
 (under the age 12)
Teen Girl Haircut- $45
Teen Boy Haircut-$25
"How to Style" Consultation- $42
Clients bring in their own brushes, blow dryer, straightener, styling products, and run through their styling routine to learn proper  techniques. 

Special Occasion Style- $50
Blow Dry Style- $38
Includes wash, round brush styling, and heated tool.
*All cuts include a wash and blow-dry
Blonde, Red, Brown, hair colors offered in wheaton

Pravana Chroma Silk Hair Color-  

Touch- Up $65

Chroma Silk Hair Color is a permanent hair color that ensures complete gray hair coverage with rich vibrant colors.  This is a low-level ammonia formula that keeps the integrity of the hair. 

80+ color shades to choose from.

Foils can be added at an extra price.

* 1 1/2 hour service

Pravana Hair color and Olaplex

Partial Foil Option 1- $80

     Top half and sides of the head are foiled with 1 color applied in foils

Partial Foil option 2-$100

     Dimensional highlights with 2 colors.

* 2 hour service

Each additional color added is $15 per color

Blonde hair color in Wheaton, IL

Full Foil Highlights Option 1- $120

Whole head of hair is foiled throughout with one color.

Full Foil Highlights Option 2- $140

Dimensional highlights with 2 colors2 1/2 hour service

Each additional color added is $15 per color

Ideal for long hair clients

ombre hair color in wheaton

Ombre'- $180

Darker at the roots through the mid-shaft and then gradually gets lighter from the mid-shaft to the ends. It is ideal for clients looking for a low-maintenance style but a dramatic look.

Ombre' is from the french word meaning 'shaded' or 'shading'.

Sombre'- $180

Lighter pieces are placed around the face.  On the lower lengths highlights are running throughout the mid shaft of the hair . It's more of a natural look and really enhances hair texture and the layering.

This is great for brunettes by adding lighter colors of gold, honey and caramel shades. 

Eye brow waxing, Lip waxing

Facial Waxing

~Upper Lip: $12

~Eyebrows: $14 

~Lip and Eyebrow: $24

~Chin & Neck : $20 

~Facial Cheeks: $15

~Full Face (eyebrow, chin, lip, cheek): $35

For best results:

Exfoliate your body for seven days prior to your waxing service except the day of your service. Make sure your skin is hydrated by drinking plenty of fluids and moisturizing your skin.  Please keep you hair length 1/8 to 1/4 inch long. Too long can cause more pain and not pull easily. 

Extra tips: take a pain reliever pill about an hour before your service. Don't drink caffeine or alcohol which tightens your pores.


If you are taking any medications like Accutane or topical lotions or creams like Retin-A, they  are not compatible with waxing.

Waxing at Amore Francesca Salon
Short style haircut in Wheaton, IL

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